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The first dream for 'Town Hovering Over the See'.

''Town Hovering Over the See'  130x130cm


This is my first experiment with a sculpture in close relationship with color.

In three dimensions, the colors must obey the same rules as in my paintings. Here, however, the colored shapes with the empty spaces between them behave like musical rhythms.

The inspiration came from the Italian coastal town of Lerici.

Sketch Town

The 'Encounters (Kiss)' is about a couple tied with a single line in eight spaces.

Despite every single space has its own mood, they show from every angle a completed view.

But the lines through synapses cannot united, The planes are displaced.

Please click on the image to view other angles.

Encounters (Kiss) 70x21cm

(gypsum, metal, pigment)

Under the starry

'Under The Starry Sky'  70x70cm

The sculpture has

 made of thin layers of gypsum.

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