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About the Works

My aim has been to search the the evolution of the XX. century's colorists’ language of color & form.
The acquired understanding of the color, form and space is not enough for me to depict associative elements (human elements, etc.) in uncompromised fusion with musical elements.
Color and form should act in combination. One cannot exist without the other (color form), because of the musical unbrokenness of a painting.

I worked in the early stage with few colors to explore the effects of the neighbouring color forms.
(Every colored form need a certain space (as all of us) to reach the maximum size of breath.)
Any form of color, spot, point, line, even the lines of the bounding picture frames affects the maximum breath space of any other elements of the painting. This effect is losing on power with growing distance between th colored forms.


Together they have a rhythm, which has a sense of space outreaching the picture frame.
The control of this space is the precondition to the unlimited capabilities of a picture's musical language.



The biggest challenge for me is to create the inseparability of a painting's musical unity and the elements which are perceived with consciousness.

Viewing a painting our eyes are searching automatically for known formations (symmetry, two eyes, lines, etc.)
Such visual effects could limit, even destroy the breathing capacity of color forms and the musical rhythm of the picture.
One way has crystallized for me by and by for solving of this problem, a non-narrative arrangement of the elements.

A painting is built up simultaneously of various elements of different size, not for emphasizing the lightness of colors (as it was desirable by the pointillists), but for searching the rhythmic interactions of color forms.With this method you can avoid the undesirable eye catching of the human elements.




Currently I’m working with color forms without the bounding lines of the picture frames in 3D. I’m inspired by the possibility to shape in one work more atmosphere with color forms which do not interfere with each other, as well as by the work with empty spaces between the color forms (as with the musical notes and rests).


10.May '57,

Budapest, Hungary


'69 -'70

Dési Huber Fine Arts Circle,Budapest (master: ErvinTamás painter)

'72 -'76

Secondary School of Visual Arts, Budapest, Hungary (master: Ákos Birkás

Work Experience

'78 -'79

Central Atelier for Theatres, Budapest, scene painter

'81 -'84

'84 -'86

Pannónia Film Studio, cartoon artist

- in "Time Masters" René Laloux 1982;

- in "Deadlock" (with) of Oscar winner Ferenc Rófusz 1984.

self-employed graphic artist, i.a.:

-animated sequences and story board in the movie "Walpurgis Night" of János Rózsa 1984;

'86 -

- City Center of Budapest for the "State Office for the Preservation
of Monuments", architectural photographs,        
-Old City of  Veszprém, Hungary, architectural photographs
- Illustrations in book: Fun and Games in Old Europe by W. Endrei,
L. Zolnay, Corvina kiadó, 1986

- Illustration in the literary magazine "Rakéta"

emigration to Germany

Restaurateur at the company "Werkstätten Wiegerling" in Bad Tölz.

'88 -'89

Three month light studies in Correns / Provence.

One year in Murnau, studie of W. Kandinsky's works

'89 -

'91 -

Member  of “Association of Hungarian Creative Artists” (MAOE)

Setting up a garden with japanese landscaping principles.

'93 -


'17 -  "The Want", Courtyard Gallery, Veresegyház, Hungary

'15 -   „Harmony”, Artmill, Szentendre, Hungary
'14 -   „H2O", Courtyard Gallery, Veresegyház, Hungary

'13 -   „Layers-Vrstvy”, Limes Gallery, Komarno, Slovakia
'09 -   „Coffee-Tea-Cake”,Gödöllő, arts and leisure centre , (own)
'08 -   „building area”, Budapest,  (own)
'07 -   „Bird's eye”, a „GÖMB” Annual exhibition, House of Culture,

            Gödöllö, Hungary
'06 -   „Year of the Rains”, Veresegyház, Atrium Gallery, Hungary (own)
'04 -   „Panel Paintings Biennial”, Szeged, Hungary
'02 -   „Homage to Gulácsy Lajos ”, Szekszárd, Hungary
'00 -   „Paintings at the Turn of the Millenium, Palace of Art, Budapest
'93 -   „Licht und Ton", Licht und ton Gerätverleih LTGV GmbH, München
'93 -    Arts Week at Bad Tölz
'91 -    House of Encounter, München (own)

In public collection:
Bohemisches Art Hotel - Budapest, Dresdner Bank - Budapest,

Lombard Leasing Aktiengesellschaft - Szeged, Hungary
In private collection:

Bergen, Berlin, Budapest, München, Ulm, Veresegyház,

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