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To set up the garden elements in meditative state, where the local atmospheres rhythm with the whole area are truly inspiring for my artistic development.

For me, a Japanese garden is the idea and practice of a close relationship with a living community of nature. In this relationship, with their rhythm and dynamics, the characters are able to unfold in a way that is not independent of each other, arbitrarily juxtaposed, but on the contrary, one can feel the common source that binds them together, and also the identity that pervades them all. It was in this spirit that I began the design of the sloping, terraced terrain, in which I tried to reproduce the natural formations and the logic of the rocky outcrops of the rocky mountains. In the planting, the most important thing was to patiently experience and predict the future atmosphere provided by the plants and to adapt to the climatic conditions and the water-scarce environment. The majority of the vegetation consists of the flora of the Mediterranean macchia atmosphere close to my heart, medicinal plants and, as a conservation measure, some of the rarer plants of the micro-environment that is slowly disappearing in my area.

sketches for the inner life of trees

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